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Every good cook has a best friend, and that friend is a good set of knives.  Most chefs reach for their knife before they even think about laying out ingredients.  The most important part of a knife is the blade.  In order keep a set of knives in perfect condition and ready to slice a piece of paper with just a flick of the wrist, a magnetic knife holder is exactly what you need to do the job.

Functionality versus Visual Appeal 

Everyone loves the look of those wooden knife racks because they look rustic and are reasonably priced.  But they are not by far the best option for storing high quality knives.  Magnetic knife holders and knife racks have a number of advantages over wooden knife racks.

Why Magnetic Knife Holders Are Superior 

For starters, magnetic knife holders are far more hygienic than their wooden knife rack counterparts.  Wooden knife racks are absorbent and can hold bacteria and other germs.  And to add even more to your doubt is the fact they are almost impossible to completely clean.  Opt for the magnetic knife racks, you can save some space since they can be attached to a wall or to a cabinet door.  This is also a great way to keep small children in your home safe since you can mount it out of their reach.

You will also find that magnetic knife holder racks can be used for other kitchen utensils as well, saving you even more space and counter room.  And perhaps the most important reasons to use a magnetic knife holder is to preserve the sharpness and life of the knife itself.  Knives that are kept in a drawer alongside other knifes will get blunt much faster than those stored in a magnetic knife holder or a wooden knife holder.

Summing Up the Positives and Negatives 

So, it’s a given that a magnetic knife holder rack set is not as rustic looking or as attractive in many ways as that wooden knife holder you see in so many kitchens these days.  But the positives they bring to the table so far outweigh this one negative.  Magnetic knife holders keep the knife sharp, clean, and in pristine condition much longer than any other alternative on the market today.

They also can save space in your kitchen saving you precious space.  Since they can be mounted on a wall or on a cabinet door, the can be put out of the reach of small children, heading off an accident before it happens.

So if you are going to make a significant investment in knives for yourself or for your favorite chef, why not go ahead and spend a little more to make sure they last for a lifetime and stay sharp so they are ready to use when you need them?  Make an investment in magnetic knife holders, some can be had for under $40,  and a rack and you’ll be glad you did.

Your favorite chef is sure to thank you for it many times over with lots of delicious and tasty meals.

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